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Zscaler Platform - Unified Policy

Zscaler Security as a Service Platform

j2-Zscaler-mapZscaler is the industry's only Internet security platform built from the ground up to secure all of your employees—on any device and from any location. With Zscaler, you can protect your users and mitigate business risk while reaping the benefits of mobility and public and private cloud computing.

Unified Policy Console

Manage security policies for multiple devices, applications and locations, all from one central console

Zscaler’s Unified Policy Console gives IT organizations the ability to define and manage consistent security policies across multiple devices, including mobile devices, from a single, centralized console. This not only simplifies management and reduces costs, but also provides new opportunities to correlate reporting and analysis of policy enforcement across these different devices and locations.

  • Centralized Policy Management: With Zscaler, your business policy is applied to each user regardless of location or device. There is one console for an integrated suite of services allowing you to consolidate the management of multiple users and devices. 
  • ShadowPolicy™: Zscaler's patented ShadowPolicy ensures that no matter where you are in the world, your security policy goes with you, providing both better security and an improved, latency-free experience.
  • Any device: With Zscaler, you can create consistent policies and get the same industry leading protection on all your devices, from PCs and laptops to smartphones and tablets.
  • Context-aware: Zscaler lets you define and manage granular policies by user, group or location, You can even control social media access policies and BYOD policies for specific applications, and user permissions such as read/write privileges.
  • Real-time policy updates: With Zscaler, you don’t have to wait to roll out updates to have policy changes applied. With a simple click on the Zscaler console, your  policy are updated in real time across your entire user network.

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