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in-depth reporting

Securing your employees requires more than just protection from threats—you need access to log data and forensics for internal investigation and reporting, and to ensure compliance. A typical Fortune 500 company generates more than 100 GB of Internet logs every single day. As enterprises continue to embrace cloud computing and mobile technology, the volume of log data is going to continue to grow.

Zscaler’s Analytics Portal provides real-time in-depth reporting, security analytics and investigative capabilities in a single, centralized console. Irrespective of where your employees are, all their transaction data is available within seconds, enabling you to view logs, run reports and correlate data across devices, locations and applications.

How do we do this? Using our patented NanoLogTM technology—a specialized system optimized for global logging, reporting and analysis at extreme scale. Our unique capability brings together massive logs generated by your users around the world to a central server for fast and easy reporting and analysis.

Zscaler’s Analytics Portal Provides

Investigative reporting:

Mine your web logs for internal inquiries or regulatory compliance. You can drill down activities for specific periods of time, employees, departments, locations, and more across devices and locations. All reporting is available to you with near immediate response times regardless of your company or transaction size. And Zscaler’s easy to read, customizable graphics and e-mail ready reports makes it easy to share your valuable insights with your management, your peers and other stakeholders.

Trend analysis:

Understand your traffic patterns including specifics like which users represent the highest risk, which employees are using non-productive applications during work hours and which applications are consuming bandwidth, etc. This provides insight into risky user behavior and also informs your bandwidth and network planning decisions.

Reduced storage costs:

By default,Zscaler stores all logs for six months, reducing the burden on your organization to buy storage to backup log data. We can also provide storage for more than six months—this feature is particularly useful to companies in regulated industries.

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