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Cloud-Enabled Networking

Cloud–Enabled Networking

cloud-enabled-network-imgAre you sick of wasting money backhauling Internet traffic? Do your employees complain about poor Internet performance? Zscaler makes it safe to stop backhauling and to connect your branch offices, remote locations and mobile employees directly to the Internet – saving money and speeding Internet access.

Outdated Hub and Spoke Model

Hub and spoke network architectures became popular in the 1990’s – in those days there wasn’t too much going on with the Internet, so it made sense to route Internet-bound traffic from remote offices back to corporate headquarters through centralized gateways that ensured security and compliance.

But today, hub and spoke networking increasingly doesn’t make sense. Network topologies need to evolve to reflect the new world reality that today 90% or more of the traffic on the Wide Area Network is Internet bound. In a time where inexpensive high-speed Internet access has become ubiquitous, it’s simply wasteful, expensive and slow to backhaul Internet bound traffic from your remote locations through a Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network or other WAN and then onto your centralized corporate gateways.

The solution is simple and easy – direct the internal, data-center bound traffic from your remote locations through your Wide Area Network, and direct your Internet-bound traffic to the cloud over a commodity local high-speed connection. To make this possible, you need to ensure the security and compliance of your local Internet breakouts. That’s where Zscaler comes in.

No More Backhauling

Zscaler makes cloud-enabled networking safe and easy. By breaking out the Internet traffic from your regional and branch offices through our Security as a Service platform, you eliminate the need to backhaul Internet traffic through centralized gateways. We ensure the highest levels of security and compliance to protect your organization while eliminating the need to either backhaul traffic or install security appliances at your remote locations.

The savings are significant – and can easily run into the millions of dollars per year, particularly if you are a heavy consumer of MPLS infrastructure for your wide area network.

By offloading the MPLS WAN and sending Internet traffic directly to the cloud through Zscaler, our clients have reduced their MPLS costs by up to 80% - and at the same time dramatically improved Internet performance for their employees.

Setting up cloud-enabled networking is simple. All you need to do is to provision a commodity Internet connection at each of your remote locations. Then you set up your local router or WAN optimization platform to direct data center-bound traffic to your WAN and to break out Internet-bound traffic through Zscaler. It’s that simple.

Millions in Cost Savings

Zscaler saves our customers tens of millions of dollars each year in MPLS network backhauling costs while ensuring robust security, policy compliance and greatly improved Internet user experience. Simply by redirecting your Internet-bound traffic through the Zscaler’s global network of 100+ datacenters—you can instantly secure your organization and stop backhauling traffic.

backhaul-before-and-afterZscaler provides a host of capabilities designed specifically to address the challenges of cost-effectively and efficiently securing remote and branch office Internet traffic, including:

  • Unified Policy Administration: With Zscaler’s unified management console, you can set and enforce policies across all your locations and users worldwide. Policies are applied and updated in real time – any change you make is instantly reflected across all of your users’ locations, so even remote users and road warriors are always protected.
  • Real-time Reporting and Analysis: Zscaler’s analytics portal provides a single pane of glass to view any transaction, by any user, from any location in real-time. With just a few clicks, you can get detailed reports at the department, group, user, device, and location level. Interactive analytics allow you to perform detailed investigations of application and network usage, threat protection, and more.
  • Bandwidth Control: With Zscaler, you can create policies to provide bandwidth quality of service for users accessing business-critical applications such as CRM or corporate social media accounts and limit bandwidth for less-critical applications, such as video streaming. Through a policy based approach you need not burden your network staff with risky changes on networking gear—click your way to efficiency instead.
  • Advanced Security Across Devices and Locations: The challenge of purchasing and managing multiple point security appliances to secure multiple offices and a globally distributed workforce can quickly overwhelm the resources of most IT organizations. With Zscaler, you get a single, seamless solution that protects your company across all of your locations, and also secures your mobile users.
  • Data Loss Prevention: Zscaler’s Data Loss Prevention detects and blocks the loss of sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, financial statements, medical documents, source code and other intellectual property across all user locations and devices. You can even select standard compliance regulations (e.g. PCI) to make your policy setup very easy.
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