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    Persistent Threat Protection

Zscaler Advanced Persistent - Defense-in-depth Protection Against Zero-day and Advanced Persistent Threats.

Zscaler Advanced Persistent Threat Protection provides full lifecycle protection against zero-day and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) that goes far beyond just “signatureless” detection, with a comprehensive defense-in-depth approach to Internet security. And because it’s delivered via the Zscaler Security as a Service platform, enterprises of all sizes can now truly protect their entire organization with a highly secure yet cost effective solution for APT protection.


Zscaler Internet Security

Defense-in-depth, in-line and automated

Hackers are coming after your people, systems, and data with custom-tailored zero day and advanced threat attacks designed to exploit your vulnerabilities and bypass your existing security. With Zscaler APT Protection, you can now protect your organization from these sophisticated threats with a multi-layered "protect-detect-remediate" defense framework, including advanced "signatureless" behavioral analysis and forensics capabilities.

Zscaler Advanced Persistent is unlike security appliances, Zscaler is always in-line with your Internet traffic, bi-directionally inspecting every byte, including inspecting traffic encrypted with SSL and automatically blocking malware, quarantining infected devices, preventing botnet communications and stopping data exfiltration attempts

Protect, Detect, Remediate Defense Framework

The Protect-Detect-Remediate defense framework is a best practices approach for defending against APTs. Zscaler provides the only solution that can provide a complete, integrated protect-detect-remediate defense for any IP enabled device in your organization.



In this phase, it's important to stop infections from happening by identifying and blocking inbound threats such as zero-day malware, worms, viruses, trojans, malicious URLs, infected IP addresses, etc.

Key steps Zscaler takes to protect your environment:

  • Inspect and block threats with inline scanning
  • Inspect ALL web traffic, including SSL
  • Stop zero-day attacks with behavioural analysis
  • Stop known malware threats
  • Shut down browser vulnerabilities
  • Stop known malicious URL threats


Eventually either through malicious insiders or gaps in your defense, infections will invariably occur. At this phase, you need to be able to detect infections, data exfiltration attempts, and intercept communications from a botnet to its command and control (CNC) server.

Zscaler can detect outbound traffic from your environment to:

  • Identify communications by compromised devices
  • Identify botnet and stealth behavior
  • Leverage cloud data to identify CNC servers
  • Alert on suspicious port/protocol usage


Once a threat has been identified, it is critical to immediately contain further damage by blocking CNC communications and stopping all data exfiltration. Then the security team can correlate data and run forensics to identify the affected systems and do a root cause analysis and heal the infections.

Specifically, Zscaler, because it is a cloud-based service, can immediately help you remediate by:

  • Blocking data exfiltration
  • Stopping unauthorized communications
  • Blocking communications by infected devices
  • Understanding malware behaviour for remediation
  • Locating infected devices and understand attack patterns

Protect Headquarters, Branch Offices and Road Warriors, All from the Cloud

APT attackers research and target the most vulnerable parts of your infrastructure, and many organizations have critical gaps in protecting IP enabled devices, remote offices, road warriors and mobile devices. Zscaler APT Protection is designed to protect all of your users and all of your Internet enabled systems, wherever on the planet they happen to be located – from the cloud. Our massive cloud-based security platform has 12 million users and sees 12 billion transactions a day, so we can deliver the fastest threat analysis and the highest catch rates coupled with the lowest false positives and the fastest time to block threats across our user network.

Improve Your Security Posture and Accelerate Productivity, While Lowering Costs with J2 Software and Zscaler Advanced Persistent

The traditional way to address enterprise security has been to stack security appliances at each of your Internet gateways–an approach that has proven to be complex, expensive, and prone to security "gaps." Zscaler delivers multi-layered security from the cloud, consolidating a broad set of security appliance solutions into a single integrated Security as a Service platform. As a result, Zscaler customers see improved administrator productivity, reduced capex and opex costs, reduced bandwidth costs, improved network performance, and reduced security event expenditures.

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