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Threatlocker - Zero Trust Endpoint Security

The spend on cyber security tools have continued to grow, yet attacks continue to spiral out of control. J2 Software has always believed in finding practical solutions to protect against changing threats.

Cybercriminals are getting smarter and enter networks and cloud services undetected. End-users are constantly inviting threats by downloading various applications without approval, clicking on links they shouldn’t, and opening attachments in e-mails. That’s why a new approach of blocking everything that is not trusted and only allowing those applications that are approved is a far cleaner and more comprehensive approach to ensuring malware does not end up on your networks.

During this session, J2 Software will be providing the latest updates on their Account Takeover prevention service to stop Business Email Compromise and we will be joined by Threat Locker to introduce you to the world of Zero Trust Endpoint Security.

Event Details

Join award winning Managed Security Provider J2 Software and Threat Locker for a look into Zero Trust Endpoint Security.


John Mc Loughlin
Group CEO - J2 Software

Oliver Plante
Threat Locker

  • Date

    2 August 2023

  • Time

    13:00 UK - 14:00 SA

  • Location