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Telecommunications Intelligence


While most telecommunication solution providers focus on portions of your device or billing services intelligence, at Aspivia we believe that you are better served by focusing on the whole picture.

Our web-based Telecommunication Intelligence (TI) software solution provides you with an end-to-end view of your entire telecommunications flow. It combines Billing Intelligence (BI) and Device Intelligence (DI) from each of your service providers and then displays it to you in a single viewpoint.

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How does Aspivia's Ti Solution help you?

Telecommunications is often the biggest portion of organisational operational spend. If you can understand where your telecommunications budget is being spent and on what it is being spent, you can manage it effectively. In medium and large organisations, this can be a particularly complex process.

Aspivia's Ti Solution is here to help you make sense of this complex process and assist you to reduce your communication costs, boost productivity and maximise the benefits across your business.

Aspivia's Ti Solution draws on data from your Di solution to help you to identify patterns of usage across all devices in your organisation, from PABXs to mobile phones, faxes to utilities. At the same time it imports data from your Bi Solution – the automated billing and usage data received from your utilities, telecoms, infrastructure, ISP, systems integrators, MNOs and fixed carrier service providers.

Ti then compares the two sets of data and creates reports for you, based on its findings. You are able to fully customise the reports to give you information that is relevant and useful to your organisation.

These reports will identify and highlight amongst others:

  • any incorrect billing that might have occurred
  • underutilisation, abuse or wastage by employees

Aspivia's Ti Solution enables you to:

  • apportion costs to individual cost centres
  • track budgets and allowances in real-time
  • manage and verify carrier and vendor performance
  • access impartial, current information on market and pricing developments
  • access impartial, current information on market and pricing developments
  • make informed decisions when creating business objectives and strategies for your business

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