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    Fibre has many benefits

    Why fibre?

Fibre Internet Connectivity

Why Choose Fibre

Given all the different options that are available to consumers today, it can be difficult to decide which broadband access connection will work best for you and your business. However, fibre has many benefits that the other mediums simply cannot match.

J2 Software has the necessary skills to provide you with everything from:

  • Fibre is capable of delivering a greater amount of data,over longer distances and at greater speeds, than copperor wireless technologies;
  • Data delivered over fibre has significantly lower latency than copper or wireless – this means that services such as Internet voice and video conferencing will stream seamlessly without interruption;
  • Data transmission speeds over fibre can be upgraded at any time at lower and lower incremental cost, providing a “future-proof” upgrade roadmap as data requirements increase;
  • With copper or wireless technologies, your data could be intercepted, while with fibre this is virtually impossible, thereby ensuring you have greater data security;
  • In addition, fibre is buried and has no value to thieves which makes it physically more secure vs. copper based solutions;
  • Fibre is immune to heat and electrical interference such as lightning strikes. Also, it does not corrode like copper can.

J2’s Fibre Internet Access is unshaped and truly uncapped which means:

  • That you can use as much data as you want
  • You will not receive surprise out-of-bundle charges
  • No fair usage policy will ever be imposed on you
  • We will never throttle your internet speed
  • We will never dictate which of your traffic is more important
There are truly no restrictions with our service leaving our customers free to eat as much data in the month as they want, no surprises.

Why choose J2 Fibre Internet Access Service?

Fibre Internet Access Service provides a number of additional benefits:

Uncapped and Unshaped Bandwidth

While other ISPs claim to provide “uncapped” services, in reality they apply a “fair usage” policy, which means they are entitled to slow down your Internet speed once you’ve used up a certain amount of data. They also use “shaping” to control your usage of Internet services and slow down certain traffic to manage their network congestion and costs.

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