PretonPower™- Software-Based Computer Power Management

Reduce your PC electric bill by up to 60%.

For no good reason, most computers are left powered-on during non-working hours, resulting in a significant waste of energy. Because of the rapid rise in energy prices and increasing environmental legislation, organizations like yours are seeking new and innovative solutions for more efficient power consumption.

PretonPower solves the problem by shutting down computers when they are not in use - at night, during weekends and even during the day, without interrupting your employees' working habits.
Current Year ROI Increase
PretonPower's advanced computer power management software solution enables you to manage and control energy consumption to reduce both your overall electricity costs and the CO2 emissions across your organization's LANs and WANs.
Your return on investment will be clear, as you dramatically reduce power expenditure... while for your employees, it's business as usual.
Flexible Energy Saving Policies
The centralized PretonPower energy management console enables you to establish and manage power policies across the organization. PretonPower's individual and group behavioral models seamlessly integrate into the system without interrupting work or ICT performance. With PretonPower, you can remotely control PCs and choose between Hibernate, Sleep and Shut Down modes.
Convenient Wake-Up Function
PretonPower offers several advanced wake-up capabilities for computers in a low-power state, including on-demand or scheduled options when the computer stays powered off or in sleep/hibernate mode until a specified wake-up policy is activated. PretonPower also supports on-demand functionality for a specific computer and a convenient remote "Wake-on-Web" option.

PretonPower + PretonSaver = Best Savings
PretonPower and our ink and toner-saving software, PretonSaver, are fully integrated for optimum results. With a single administration interface, you can define usage policies for both computers and printers. Using Preton's combined software applications can save you up to $110 per employee, per year. With PretonPower:

  • Reduce your computer electricity bill by up to 60%
  • Generate detailed cost and usage reports
  • Schedule and manage various wake-up options throughout the organization
  • Set multiple power policies for each 24-hour period
  • Automatically sync with Microsoft Active Directory for groups of machines or an individual machine
  • Centralize PC ecosystem power management
  • Decrease CO2 emission and carbon footprint
  • Save up to $110 per employee, per year with PretonPower plus PretonSaver
  • Enjoy the flexibility of a service based licensing model

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