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  • Comprehensive Protection - Simplified in the cloud.

    Email Security

  • Mimecast provides an always-on, cloud-based email security solution

    Targeted Threat Protection

Instant and comprehensive protection from spear - phishing and targeted attacks by email.

With cyber-attacks and data breaches on the increase, organizations are becoming painfully aware of the potential threats to their valuable data and intellectual property (IP), as well as any customer data they may hold.

Security scanning or gateway services have made it harder for traditional spam or phishing attacks to penetrate enterprise email systems. Determined attackers are increasingly using a combination of sophisticated social-engineering and targeted or spear-phishing emails to breach their targets.

Standard email security gateways are not designed to detect these new attacks or protect their users from this very dynamic threat vector. Highly targeted attacks are designed to foil even the most sophisticated defenses.

Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection is an advanced email security technology that protects users against spear-phishing and targeted attacks in email, extending our existing Secure Email Gateway anti-spam and anti-virus services.

The service re-writes all URLs embedded in email, then performs a layered security check on the destination site when a user clicks on the link. This wholesale protection is more robust, more effective and more secure than trying to detect the single phishing email. Targeted Threat Protection delivers key benefits including:

  • Instant protection: Stop targeted attacks and spear phishing, across all devices, desktop and mobile, corporate and BYOD – no client software needed.
  • Real-time protection: On-click, every click URL scanning provides protection each time a link is clicked. Protects against good websites turning bad, or delayed exploits.
  • Rapid deployment: simply and centrally managed and without the need for additional infrastructure, or IT overhead, integrated into Mimecast Secure Email Gateway administration console.
  • Effective control and visible protection: Simple, efficient policy control and administrative monitoring and reporting.
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