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Message Recovery Service and Metadata Track and Trace

Extend your gateway retention for even greater support, message tracking and administrative control.

While pass-through zero drag in a secure email gateway may de-risk latency or privacy concerns, many email administrators demand a reasonable degree of message retention at the gateway - in order to support email administration and message track and trace for discovery and helpdesk queries.

Mimecast’s Secure Email Gateway includes two important capabilities; services that will retain delivery metadata and message content specifically so administrators can monitor and manage their users’ email with more visibility and transparency.

  • Metadata Track and Trace provides 14 days of email metadata retention, including timestamps and source destination IP and SMTP conversation details. Administrators can access this content through our Track and Trace tools to help solve helpdesk issues and email delivery problems.

The second capability is the Message Recovery Service.

  • Message Recovery Service enables email content retention; 58 days by default. All email content and metadata is retained in the Mimecast Secure Email Gateway for administrators, to help manage their email infrastructure and to enable other content-based service add-ons.

Both of these capabilities are included in our Unified Email Management Express and Enterprise service bundles.

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