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  • Comprehensive Protection - Simplified in the cloud.

    Email Security

  • Mimecast provides an always-on, cloud-based email security solution

    Targeted Threat Protection

Optimize end user self-service and productivity.

Getting the most out of any technology solution means making end user interaction as seamless and intuitive as possible. Fitting in with the way your users already work and providing access from their favored device or email client is key and helps ensure the organization realizes maximum value.

For Mimecast, the end user is central to the design and delivery of our services. Whether for security, archiving or continuity purposes, we offer a unique set of highly integrated and intuitive desktop and mobile apps. Employees can work smarter and respond more quickly whether in the office or on the road, while administrators retain full centralized control.

End User Benefits

  • Instant email archive search from anywhere. Users can easily locate and access any email sent or received using highly intuitive search filters or simply browse their familiar mailbox folder structure*.
  • Continuous access to email. Users can continue to access, send, reply to and forward email even when primary email systems are not available – a powerful business continuity feature.
  • Self-service means greater productivity. The ability to find elusive messages, restore deleted emails*, and use admin controlled security settings, such as actioning quarantined messages and applying message encryption*, means employees can get more done, faster.
  • Simple access. Users don’t need to remember different login credentials as Mimecast integrates with Active Directory for authentication.

Administrator Benefits

While Mimecast empowers users, it also allows the IT department to retain full, centralized policy control – lessening the burden of everyday support and administration:
  • Granular permission controls allow system administrators to activate functions for individual employees or groups of users as required.
  • Centralized security and policy management means IT teams retain control over default settings.
  • Simple deployment and management through existing software management systems and app stores streamlines the roll out process for both the IT department and end users.
  • Lower IT overhead is achieved through functions such as user self-service for quarantine management and the recovery of lost or deleted items. This reduces the time IT departments spend on basic system administration tasks - freeing up resources for more strategic projects.
*Desktop apps only

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