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Mailbox Continuity

Maintaining always-on email has been expensive and cumbersome until now.

End users have zero tolerance for downtime, and demand their connectivity be restored as quickly and painlessly as possible. Keeping email up and running for your end users can be a thankless and cumbersome task, usually requiring replicated and mirrored services at great expense.

Today's IT budgets often don’t include the capacity for that expense, so finding an easier way to keep email up has become essential. Mimecast provides a set of Email Continuity services which can reduce your recovery time to as close to zero as possible, yet without the expense, complexity and infrastructure expected for this level of service availability. 

  • Access to email during outages is provided by Mimecast through the web-based Mimecast Personal Portal, our desktop apps and mobile apps, giving users access to their email in real-time while your core email infrastructure is offline.
  • Continuity management is provided for administrators through the Mimecast Administration Console, for complete control of failover events and outages.
  • Variable outage durations are supported, depending on your license type; from 24 hour outages through to seven day full failover outages.

This service is included in our Unified Email Management Express and Enterprise service bundles. 

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