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Email Security

Mimecast provides an always-on, cloud-based email security solution

Targeted Threat Protection

Send and receive large files without being restricted by attachment limits.

Sending large files via email is a real problem, and has become a battle-ground between users and IT departments. Seeking to protect overall email system performance, IT teams routinely set limits on email size – but file sizes are growing, so users often struggle to share vital content with internal and external contacts.

As a result, users inevitably seek out ways to bypass corporate gateways – turning to consumer applications to send and receive large file content. However, these services often lack policy enforcement or content checking, and even fewer archive the email and attachments for discovery and retrieval at a later date.

IT departments need to retain control, but deliver a service that enables users to send large files while maintaining compliance and security.

Mimecast Large File Send for PC and Mac users provides a fast and simple way to send and receive large files without being restricted by attachment limits of Exchange or Office 365. End users can remain productive without having to leave Outlook.

  • End users can send and receive large files through a secure and scalable email system bypass.
  • Attachments are secured with encryption, optional access key and custom expiration dates.
  • Files sent and received, and their associated notifications, are archived according to email retention policies.
  • File audit tracking is fast and easy, from a central location.
  • Data leak prevention can support compliance with corporate policies.
  • A comprehensive set of eDiscovery and compliance features can be applied to large files.
  • Large file traffic is removed from the email server environment.

Large File Send is an optional add-on to our Unified Email Management Express and Enterprise service bundles. It can also be deployed alongside our Secure Email Gateway.

Large File Send Packages

Mimecast Large File Send Site Prime Pro
Maximum file upload size 50MB 250MB 2GB
Annual total storage allowance for Large File Sending 1GB/User 6GB/user 30GB/user
Link expiry Flexible Flexible Flexible
Notification when files are first accessed by the recipient     *
Ability for originator to receive large files in return    *  *
Configurable / optional password protected exchange of large attachments with controlled download link extension and expiration    *
Administrator-controlled invocation of Large File Send capabilities  *  *  *
Automatic bypass of local email infrastructure for large outbound messages reducing operational overhead  *  *
Analysis of all inbound and outbound large files against DLP policies  *  *  *
Virus scanning of inbound and outbound large files  *  *  *
Large files automatically archived and indexed for search and eDiscovery  *  *  *
Large file archived in line with customer retention policy  *  *
User-invoked Large File Send capabilities  *  *  *
Administrator reporting and management of users and usage. Control of all Large File Send interactions  *  *  *

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