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  • Comprehensive Protection - Simplified in the cloud.

    Email Security

  • Mimecast provides an always-on, cloud-based email security solution

    Targeted Threat Protection

Encrypt email and give users access to secure, private email controls.

Email encryption was once a technology used by a minority of organizations, conducting their communications within encrypted channels. Today the demand for encryption of all email on the open Internet is significant as more businesses come to rely on their intellectual property and proprietary information as an asset. Encryption has also become a technical standard or best practice for those businesses required to protect their data and their users to the maximum extent technically possible.

Mimecast Email Encryption and Privacy provides the ability to encrypt email in transit, as well as deploy more granular secure communications tools for those situations where confidentiality is of the upmost importance.

  • Encryption on the wire, with our policy-based transport layer security (TLS), gives you the ability to enforce TLS encryption for SMTP over the wider Internet.
  • Secure communications with third parties can be easily achieved with our Closed Circuit Messaging platform, which delivers automatic secure communications for external parties, without email ever transiting the Internet and without needing to share keys or install cumbersome software like PGP.
  • End user control of encryption, in line with defined policies, provides your most important users with the ability to direct email through the Mimecast encryption platform, from within Microsoft Outlook.

Encryption and Privacy capabilities are included in our Unified Email Management Express and Enterprise service bundles and Email Security service.

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