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Advanced MTA Tools

A sophisticated bridgehead in the cloud to support complex internal email infrastructures.

Many organizations have a complex set of infrastructure requirements for email management, most of which are solutions to business problems that have arisen over years of operations. The solution has always been to deploy more infrastructure in support of these requirements, usually within the network. This is particularly true for the addition of new email servers over time, or the integration of new offices during acquisitions.

Mimecast’s Advanced MTA Tools allow administrators to solve these problems without the need for additional infrastructure.

  • Solving inbound routing and traffic-splitting is easily achieved with Mimecast’s platform acting as your bridgehead in the cloud, routing email to distinct internal server destinations based on Active Directory group membership or attribute.
  • Solving email address or domain changes becomes a simple policy setting. This is particularly useful for acquisitive companies who need to quickly and publically change their outbound email address or domain presence, but without changing any hardware or software internally.

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