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  • Comprehensive Protection - Simplified in the cloud.

    Email Security

  • Mimecast provides an always-on, cloud-based email security solution

    Targeted Threat Protection

Controlling the flow of sensitive information is a vital protection for intellectual property and compliance.

Compliance requirements necessitate the use of extra layers of protection for sensitive information. In addition a key element of security best practice is the ability to prevent confidential information from entering or leaving the business through email. It’s still far too easy for end users to maliciously or accidentally disclose sensitive, personal or confidential information to the outside world by email.

Mitigating this vulnerability requires specialist gateway controls, which are not normally part of a standard email security service. Mimecast recognizes the importance of enhanced security, and provides a Data Leak Prevention capability to enhance Secure Email Gateway features.  

  • Data Leak Prevention features further enhance the content controls provided by the Content Policy Gateway.
  • Compatible with document hashing for organizations that routinely hash their internal documents. Mimecast’s DLP add-on will detect MD5 and SHA256 hashes at the gateway, stopping those files from leaking.
  • Document metadata stripping and conversion is also available for users who require their Office file formats to be sanitized or converted to PDF prior to delivery by email.

Data Leak Prevention is included in our Unified Email Management Express and Enterprise service bundles and Email Security service.

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