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Comprehensive Protection - Simplified in the cloud.

Email Security

Mimecast provides an always-on, cloud-based email security solution

Targeted Threat Protection

Secure your email and protect users from offensive content.

Compliance, both internal and external, is often a key driver for enhanced levels of email content control within an organization’s email security policies. Email content controls can be defined in two categories; firstly the corporate control that is compliance-driven for regulation and looks for specific dictionaries of words or phrases. Secondly the user protection control that is deployed to stop end users being exposed to offensive email content or images.

Mimecast Content Policy Gateway features enhance the level of protection offered to your end users.

  • Quarantine email based on content with granular content checking policies that hold messages at the gateway for oversight and potential approval or continued containment.
  • Scan emails for profanity to protect users from abuse and inappropriate language in their corporate email inbox.
  • Scan email attachments for pornographic content to provide protection against potential litigious scenarios from staff exposed to inappropriate images while at work.
  • Scan for structured content or dictionarieswith a set of granular policy controls that allow you to scan emails and attachments based on the content of dictionaries or standardized regular-expression searchable terms.

Content Policy Gateway capabilities are included in our Unified Email Management Express and Enterprise service bundles. They work in conjunction with Attachment Management features to enable attachment content checking.

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