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    Email Security

  • Mimecast provides an always-on, cloud-based email security solution

    Targeted Threat Protection

Managing end users’ access to attachments in email starts at the gateway.

Managing attachments in email is a foundation of most organizations’ email security policies. Mimecast’s Secure Email Gateway will hold dangerous attachments by default, but if you need greater control and flexible security policies to manage other types of attachments, this service is essential.

Protecting your users from non-essential attachments is often more than just a security policy. There are measureable compliance and even productivity gains in defining the attachment types that groups of users have permission to send and receive. The Mimecast Secure Email Gateway with the Attachment Management option is able to detect any type of attachment in an email, and then react in a number of different ways based on the defined security policy.

  • Defined actions on attachments are unique to Mimecast’s Secure Email Gateway; administrators can set reactions to attachments that breach their policies - to strip an attachment entirely, or remove it and replace it with a unique link to Mimecast for download.
  • Unique attachment strip-and-link technology allows attachments to be removed from emails, but replaced with a unique link. The sender’s email is unaltered but the attachment is managed through the Mimecast Platform for greater security.
  • Bi-directional control of attachments that pass inbound or outbound through the gateway allows administrators to control email attachment delivery in both directions.
  • End user invocation is vital for email power users who benefit from Mimecast for Outlook desktop integration. These users manage their own attachment controls directly from within Microsoft Outlook.

These capabilities are included in our Unified Email Management Express and Enterprise service bundles and Email Security service.

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