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Advanced Email Signature and Disclaimer Management

Email disclaimer and stationery controls provide centralized email branding management.

Controlling the appearance of your corporate brand via email has always been a challenge.  Coupled with the requirement to position some form of disclaimer on email, it often necessitates the purchase of a dedicated solution. Mimecast Advanced Email Signature and Disclaimer Management service can be added to our Secure Email Gateway and removes the need for a point solution, quickly providing the functionality you need to comply with both marketing and legal counsel requirements.

Advanced Email Signature and Disclaimer Management gives email administrators the ability to centrally add email stationery and disclaimers to outbound emails so corporate marketing and legal policies can be easily adhered to.

  • Corporate Branding allows control of your email branding from a single console, complete with image library and templates for email stationery.
  • Tailored and differentiated content with the injection of Active Directory variables such as phone numbers.
  • Let end users choose their own allocation of your corporate email stationery from a drop down menu within Microsoft Outlook, using our end user desktop apps.

This service is included in our Unified Email Management Express and Enterprise service bundles.

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