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Dtex SystemSkan – Total User Visibility

Complete User Visibility

Dtex combines an incredibly lightweight micro-agent on each endpoint with a powerful server-based analysis engine to deliver security, visibility, and cost saving solutions

  • Unique user data not available in your existing logs
  • No noticeable end user change or impact
  • Only collects 1 MB per user per week
  • Highly scalable beyond 100,000 devices
  • Anonymized metadata maintains user privacy
  • Incredibly lightweight, stable micro-agent
  • Over 10 years insider threat experience
  • Only 0.1% impact on network
  • Rapid, global deployment
  • Metadata only - no content, keylogging, videos, or screenshots

Advanced Human Analytics

Dtex uses four sophisticated analytical methods to show you the users who matter:


User Profiling

Dtex automatically builds a user-level profile of activity based on Dtex data not found in any log files, and automatically identifies sudden changes in behavior that indicate high-risk activity.

Advanced Machine Learning

Self-updating algorithms look for advanced indications of user behavioral changes, such as an increased risk that an employee is getting ready to leave an organization or is becoming disengaged.

330 High Risk Patterns

Dtex comes pre-installed with 330 patterns of known-risky behavior collected as the result of Dtex's 10+ years of investigation into global insider threat cases.

Query and Reporting Engine

What data did a departing employee take? What data was on that lost laptop? What happened on a compromised workstation? Finally, get clear answers to seemingly simple questions using data not available from any security logs

Insider Cyber Threat

Insider Cyber Threat

The Dtex system provides the clear visibility and analytics needed to find both malicious insiders and employees who accidentally put the company at risk. Common findings include:

Theft of Intellectual Property

Detect the theft of sensitive data (by internal and external actors) that other security systems miss. Predict the flight risk for departing employees.

Failed Security Controls

See which controls employees have figured out how to bypass, or that aren't configured properly.

Malicious Employees

Spot employees who are using corporate equipment for illegal activity or are trying to sabotage corporate systems.

Off-Network Risky Behavior

Fill the visibility gap that most organizations have - understand what users are doing with corporate devices while offline.

Fraud and Embezzlement

Detect the theft of inventory and/or customer data for sale to external parties.

Accidental Misuse

Accidents by insiders leave your organization exposed. Find and train staff who are making the most serious mistakes.

External Compromise of Devices

External Compromise of Devices

As external attackers become more sophisticated, reliance on signatures and even heuristics to detect cybercrime becomes less effective. Dtex automatically builds a profile of each your user's normal activity, and alerts your security teams to anomalies.

Dtex picks up indicators of compromise like unusual use of admin / hacking tools, unusual transfers or consolidation of data, and unusual after hours activity.

When used in combination with your threat intel feeds and/or perimeter security tools, Dtex can also be used to identify compromised machines and the source of an attack.

Usage-Based IT Cost Savings

Usage-Based IT Cost Savings

Typical IT asset management tools fail to provide visibility into usage data. To dramatically lower costs on enterprise software, organizations need visibility into user activity. Dtex provides usage based data and analysis capabilities that lets CIOs and CTOs make data-based decisions instead of pure guesswork:

Concurrent License Utilization

Right-size your use of expensive software based on concurrent usage data, not just install base. Find opportunities to uninstall or balance utilization to save costs.

Free Reader vs. Paid Editor

Reduce your reliance on expensive licenses like Visio, Project, and Acrobat by learning which users need a free viewer/reader.

Usage vs. Installation

At a glance, see which installed applications are or aren't being used across your enterprise.

Patch Level Insight

Quickly see who's using older, insecure software based on usage data, not just install base.

Cloud Planning & Utilization

Baseline current employee use of cloud services, and get accurate metrics for usage of on-site systems that you're considering moving to a cloud-based environment.

Virtualized Environment Planning

When planning to virtualize physical systems, IT teams are often missing accurate usage data about applications, users, and locations. Dtex provides the visibility to determine who is using an application, when they're using it, and from where.

Unused Hardware Detection

Detect unused hardware by comparing purchase records with directory information with usage data from Dtex. Save money by reducing leases and support contracts.

Operational Efficiency Analysis

Operational Efficiency Analysis

For call centers, outsourced operations, and any operation where throughput matters, use Dtex to clearly understand the differences between highly performing teams and poorly performing teams. Use human analytics to understand what systems, resources, and sources of information are used by highly performing teams, and build training programs to address the gaps.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

With Dtex, highly regulated companies are moving away from empty attestations to data-driven validation while maintaining compliance with the strictest privacy regulations.

Dtex verifies IT security controls, monitors access / editing of critical files, and audits all user activity to support compliance with regulations like SOX, GLBA, NERC-CIP, PCI, and HIPAA.