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What would you do if
you lost all your data?


As we work in the Information-Age almost all sensitive data and information is stored electronically. Every users “life” resides on their PC’s and Servers.


J2 Online Backup

We live in times where we take our machines for granted, forgetting these are complex pieces of technology. Devices can be prone to problems and any number of events can render these useless at any time.

What will go wrong?

  • Hard drives crash
  • Machines are lost
  • Cryptolockers (Ransomware)
  • Machines are stolen
  • Viruses destroy them
  • Machines fall down (Physical damage)

What would you do if you lost all your data?

Research shows that most people never backup their data. They know they should – but they still don’t and this often has catastrophic results for the individual and business. This is often because backups are seen as being too difficult, too expensive or because the user simply forgets.

In the modern world we have no choice but to find a secure, safe and automated backup facility to ensure continuity and prevent data loss. Most organisations also have compliance requirements to have important data taken off-site for added security and as part of disaster recovery planning.


Your important data is backed up online directly to the cloud. Making it available when you need it.

Low Cost

Manage the usual high costs of numerous backups quickly and at a known monthly charge.


Your data is encrypted with 256 bit military-grade encryption.


Backups run automatically without intervention. You simply install, set & forget until you need the data back.

Simple Restoration

Get your data back as soon as soon as you need it.


Your important data is backed up to servers hosted in South Africa and you have the added peace of mind of South African based support.


J2 Online Backup supports Windows, MacOS, Linux with plugins for Exchange, Outlook, MS-SQL, MySQL, Oracle, and more.


Business accounts are all replicated to secondary servers in a different location for added security and protection.


Local Clients

The J2 Online Backup Client software runs on your local PC or server. The client compresses and encrypts the data before transferring it to our servers.


J2 Online Backup cloud infrastructure is fully redundant and secure.

Automatic Failover

Every hour your data is replicated to the secondary backup servers. In the event of catastrophic failure of our primary backup servers, the secondary backup servers will be converted into primary servers for continued backups and restores.

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