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R4,180.00 including VAT R4,807.00

Firewalla is an all-in-one, simple, and powerful firewall that connects to your router, protects your devices from cyberattacks, and provides you with rich insights about your network. It is an advanced solution to safeguard your personal data, monitor and control your kids’ Internet usage, and block unwanted ads. Thanks to its built-in VPN server, it will continue protecting you from cyberthreats even when you are on the road.

Firewalla Blog

Firewalla - Family Time

Firewalla is committed to taking back family time from social networks. One hour at a time. Our "Social Hour" feature blocks all social networks for one hour.

Firewalla - Ad Block

Annoyed by those website ads? Do you know who is tracking your web browsing habits? Firewalla's built-in ad blocker can make sure you don't see ads and ads don't see you.

Firewalla - Parenting with Ease

Firewalla lets you see what your kids are doing on his/her tablet. You’ll know whether they’re playing games, doing their homework, or going somewhere they shouldn’t. 

Firewalla - Privacy Protection: VPN

Are you comfortable sharing your private information when using Public Wifi? If not, you need Firewalla. Completely FREE and no monthly fee.

Firewalla - Complete Cyber Security Solution

Worried about your baby camera getting hacked? Someone tampering with your smart speakers? Or your phone being used by hackers? Firewalla will automatically alert and protect you from all of these cyber threats, providing peace of mind in the digital world.

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