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systemSkanSystemSkan - User Policy Enforcement & Compliance

End Point Visibility to reduce risk: Dtex SystemSkan provides complete end user visibility to reduce risk by monitoring behavioural changes at the end user level. SystemSkan uses Human Analytics to detect risk and allows you to take action as soon as an incident occurs, not months later. Dtex SystemSkan provides insight to stop Insider Threat, Detect External Compromise and give you usage based savings to achieve regulatory compliance.

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mimecastMimecast - Unified Email Management

J2 Software and Mimecast will take the pain out of handling your organisation's most important data; the information that passes through your email systems.Mimecast is the leading Cloud Based - Unified Email Management solution providing Email security, continuity, archiving and compliance in the cloud.Mimecast offers a cloud based service offering you email archiving, continuity, security, data leak prevention (DLP), compliance and branding and disclaimer management.Effective email management is vital to every business and need a practical strategy that is low risk, future proof, immediately...

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j2 onlinebackupJ2 Online Backup

As we work in the Information-Age almost all sensitive data and information is stored electronically. Every users “life” resides on their PC’s and Servers.

We live in times where we take our machines for granted, forgetting these are complex pieces of technology. Devices can be prone to problems and any number of events can render these useless at any time.

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zscalerZscaler - Web Security with a difference

J2 Software provides Web Security Software as a Service (SaaS) - No Boxes Required!Zscaler services enable any end user, from any place, using any device a rich Internet experience while enforcing information security and business policies.The service is delivered using Zscaler's Global Cloud Infrastructure. Rather than buying multiple appliances such as web proxies, URL filtering add-ons and anti-virus gateways at each Internet egress point, Zscaler have a new on-demand business model, whereby customers pay a fixed subscription fee. Their cloud service is built upon ground-breaking, high-...

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WhiteCanyon-SoftwareWhiteCanyon Software, Inc

WhiteCanyon Software, Inc. is a leading provider of security software employing permanent deletion technology to prevent identity theft. The company is engaged in the development, sales and support of hard disk utilities that leverage deletion and security related technologies.

WhiteCanyon's proven hard drive sanitizing software solution, WipeDrive, and individual file scanning and deletion utility, SecureClean, have increasingly become important additions to the software suites of individual users and corporations alike.

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Preton-Print-and-SavePreton Ltd.

Preton Ltd. Is a leading provider of print management and toner optimization solutions.
Preton's patent-pending technology, Pixel Optimizer™ incorporates state of the art mathematical algorithms to identify and delete wasteful pixels during printing, offering substantial savings on toner and ink.

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