Afrimat boosts IT security through J2 partner agreement


Afrimat, a leading open pit mining company providing industrial minerals and construction materials, has enhanced its security profile through a comprehensive new IT security partnership with value-added ICT firm J2 Software.

With a limited IT team in-house, Afrimat has partnered with J2 managed security services to improve its security posture across five key risk areas: emails, endpoints, internet access, mobile device management and human behaviour tracking. 

Johan du Plessis, General Manager Technology Systems at Afrimat, says in the current environment, in which cyber-crime is proliferating, Afrimat sought significantly enhanced security without having to grow its in-house resources or immediately implement a wave of new solutions. “By partnering with J2, we gained a team of cyber security experts on our side, who carried out a thorough risk assessment, developed a cyber security roadmap that addressed our business’s needs, and implemented appropriate solutions.”

J2 deployed Mimecast, Zscaler, Webrooot endpoint solution and Dtex SystemSkan to address Afrimat’s current security priorities.

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J2 Software Showcases Cyber Security Centre at 2017 Security Summit

J2 Software Showcases Cyber Security Centre at 2017 Security Summit

J2 Software has revealed it will showcase its highly successful Cyber Security Centre (CSC) at the forthcoming ITWeb 2017 Security Summit, taking place in Johannesburg between the 15th and 19th May.

J2 Software launched its CSC earlier this year with a view to supporting businesses to improve both information security and aid compliance.

John Mc Loughlin, MD, J2 Software says J2 Software’s main theme at the Summit will be “Lifting the curtain on Information Security”. “Our drive and value proposition to the country’s business community revolves around providing real visibility.”

The CSC was launched amid a growing need from the businesses for better security in an environment where cyber breaches are wrecking financial havoc but even worse, brand denigration resulting in long term loss of business as customer trust is lost.

“The Security Summit is the perfect platform for us to showcase what the CSC is already achieving for businesses around South Africa. We will reveal our approach to providing businesses of all sizes with real and practical solutions to evolving cyber threats – and can show how we deliver this via the J2 Cyber Security Centre.”

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J2 Software provides affordable security against cyber threats

While burglar bars may secure your windows, and a Trellidor protects your front entrance, how do you go about protecting all your electronic data?

John McLoughlin founded J2 Software with just such an answer in mind, building a company that reduces risk, improves security and eliminates cyber threats.

Cyber challenges are evolving every day, with changing threats such as ransomware, insider threats and malware growing all the time.

John McLoughlin, J2 Software founder

Of course, this also presents a huge opportunity to a company like J2, which can provide security services and solutions from a team of experts for less money than employing a single cyber security resource.

John McLoughlin, J2 Software founder

We also have options which are viable for businesses of every size.

John McLoughlin, J2 Software founder

These options are what sets J2 apart, as it does not believe in delivering a one-size-fits-all solution.

Since every customer is different, with different issues and different information security maturity levels, solutions need to be different and tailored to individual businesses.

We definitely would like to develop the capacity to reach a larger audience, since people cannot buy what they cannot find. At the same time, we are looking for the right BEE partner to involve in our business to propel us to the next level.

John McLoughlin, J2 Software founder

Nonetheless, we are expanding already, with offices in every major city in SA, as well as extensive reach on the rest of the continent, including southern Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia, with West Africa next on our list.

John McLoughlin, J2 Software founder

Listen to the full interview with John McLoughlin for more information about his business...

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J2 Cyber Security Centre – The threats keep rolling in…

Cape Town Thursday April 20, 2017: J2 Software launched its Cyber Security Centre just over three months ago and the company reports on the success of the venture in the midst of a cyber crime onslaught.

J2 Software, MD, John Mc Loughlin says it has been a busy time for all involved. “The J2 team have been hard at work dealing with the challenge of ever changing threats. We have continually amended our approach to keep up with the needs of customers and the ultimate goal of keeping their businesses secure.” He adds the last few months has seen them implementing processes and procedures aimed at adding even more value for customers. “The new measures are also to ensure that we are constantly at the top of our game.”

Mc Loughlin says that despite the ever changing face of attacks certain things have remained constant.

“What has remained constant is the J2 team’s obsessive commitment to providing the highest level of service to customers of all sizes through the provision of real value-driven security services and risk assessments delivered by approachable and knowledgeable professionals. Unfortunately, the other constant in our business is the growth in the number of cyber-attacks being orchestrated each and every day.

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