Historical Royal Palaces (HRP) PCI DSS compliance and information security policy enforcement

With millions of visitors each year paying by credit card to access their palaces, PCI DSS compliance is a core security requirement for HRP. To achieve compliance, HRP was required to prove adequate control over how card holder data is captured, stored and accessed by staff. SystemSkan was able to detect users copying card holder data and creating unofficial data stores on spreadsheets and databases in clear breach of company policy. By configuring real-time alerts and proactive policy enforcement within the SystemSkan solution, HRP was able to prevent these unauthorised activities while also providing the audit trail evidence required for PCI DSS compliance.

The Historic Royal Palaces is recognised as one of the most prestigious establishments in the United Kingdom, protecting, preserving and showcasing the most iconic symbols of London and Britain to the world. This includes protection of the Crown Jewels. Security is a core requirement, not only for the protection of these high value national treasures, but also for the protection of personal information and customer credit card data.

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