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T-Mobile Enterprise-wide protection from the insider threat

Following a rise in insider security breaches in the telecommunications industry, T-Mobile set out to source an internal security solution which would minimise insider risk and proactively prevent the leakage of sensitive customer data.

tmobileAfter reviewing a number of leading DLP (Data Leakage Prevention) solutions, it was determined that the implementation of traditional DLP tools would heavily restrict the work environment making it difficult for people to get their job done. As one of the industry’s most forward-thinking companies, T-Mobile wanted a similarly forward-thinking solution which would allow continued flexibility for their users, encouraging staff innovation whilst containing the risks associated with the insider handling of data.

The Dtex solution was specifically chosen by T-Mobile for its ability to log all user activities in real-time with minimal impact on network resources, as well as its ability to deliver security and flexibility together, rather than one at the cost of the other.

tmobile2SystemSkan has full security coverage of the T-Mobile estate where it has already proven valuable in the identification and prevention of insider threats. Following the success of this project and subsequent to the merger between T-Mobile and Orange in the UK, the SystemSkan solution has been extended to cover the entire ‘Everything Everywhere’ estate.

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