Mizuho Bank - Greater control of regional users to ensure compliance

As Japan’s second largest financial group and one of the world’s largest corporations, visibility over its regional operations is a fundamental requirement for Mizuho Financial Group.

With Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) determined at a group level, any variations adopted by local operating entities must be monitored closely to ensure that any serious breaches are detected and prevented efficiently and effectively. Mizuho Bank is a major international business unit for the group, where sensitive personal data and IP is constantly flowing within and across borders. SystemSkan was chosen for implementation at Mizuho Bank as the core solution for ensuring regional compliance with the group’s Acceptable Use Policy.

As the advanced information–telecommunication society evolves and use of information increases exponentially, appropriate protection of the informational assets held by a company becomes a social responsibility, while appropriate usage of the same assets becomes the foundation of the company’s competitiveness. As a provider of comprehensive financial services in Japan and abroad, Mizuho Bank believes that appropriate protection and use of informational resources are extremely important issues.

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