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J2 Software Partners with Secude

JohnLocal ICT security specialist, J2 Software, has partnered with SECUDE, a global provider of IT data protection solutions. This new offering will help customers to protect their sensitive data against loss and theft, and also provide compliance to various laws and industry regulations.

SECUDE offers an enterprise endpoint data protection solution that provides intelligent technology to secure and manage enterprises' endpoints. Through SECUDE's rapid deployment technology, enterprises can dramatically cut down deployment and administrative costs, while providing full end-user transparency without requiring any end-user training.

J2 Software Managing Director John Mc Loughlin says important enterprise data resides on mobile endpoints. "Companies must figure out how to cost-effectively manage different brands and generations of globally dispersed computers, while implementing corporate security policies, ensuring legal compliance and preventing data loss."

SECUDE's FinallySecure Enterprise seamlessly integrates into existing software management infrastructure; optionally, it provides its own Web-based management and reporting console.

He says FinallySecure Enterprise enables you to handle data anywhere, anytime, while meeting legal compliance and data protection requirements. "The solution offers strong user authentication even before the boot-up process. Also, users can authenticate through the optional use of smart cards/token or digital certificates, thus making their laptops truly secure."

FinallySecure Enterprise encrypts the entire content in a laptop's hard disk, thus safeguarding an organisation from potential financial loss and consequential legal issues, even if the computer falls into the wrong hands. FinallySecure Enterprise's dedicated management console offers greater administrative flexibility and reduces cost.

Furthermore, SecureFolder Enterprise ensures the highest level of security for your sensitive and confidential data. It uses complex algorithms to encrypt entire folders that are stored locally or on network drives.

Mc Loughlin says SecureFolder Enterprise offers far greater flexibility compared to other encryption solutions available. "This solution preserves the folder structure, which is a major advantage compared to container encryption solutions. It offers a centralised management console for encrypted folders."

Users can be authenticated either through secure software tokens, smart cards or USB tokens. This allows certificate-based authentication of group members for centrally stored documents. The new role-based intelligent authorisation system elegantly separates the functions of system administration, security management and users.

"This gives SecureFolder Enterprise clear advantages over other solutions - sensitive data can even be protected effectively from system administrators. The LDAP connection allows convenient and simple administration," he concludes.

For more information, contact J2 Software on 0861 00 J TWO (5896) or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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