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E-mail security and compliance solution for SME law firms

JohnEvery profession has its own mandates, operating requirements, and best practices. While these assist companies within these professions to perform effectively within the criteria of their particular sector, they can often prove onerous for smaller businesses to maintain and manage.

This is particularly true in the case of the small legal firms that have a gamut of compliance directives to manage in order to conform to stringent operational guidelines. As Information Technology (IT) increasingly permeates every aspect of business, legal experts are finding themselves having to try and become IT experts to manage the systems their businesses run on.

"Recent changes to laws and compliance codes around data security and compliance make it increasingly difficult on the attorney, and even though there are many IT application vendors that address one aspect or another of governance, risk management and compliance, most of these are geared towards large organisations that have large budgets and large IT departments to manage them. For smaller firms, these solutions are usually not a viable option," says John Mc Loughlin, MD of J2 Software.

This understanding prompted the company to introduce a solution designed specifically for small legal firms. Trusted Law, a business-focused technology platform for SME practices or individuals in the legal industry, was devised and created to offer small firms the same infrastructure, professional connectivity and data security options usually only available to larger companies. The Trusted Law platform, while created for the SME, is suited for any size practice.

"The Trusted Law platform is a simple solution which will provide your firm with a compliant platform to do better business," Mc Loughlin explains. "Can you have an e-mail based conversation with your client in total confidentiality? This is without the information leaving a secure data centre? Can you prove when those critical documents were sent to and received by your client? Do you have fully archived information on all signed agreements? If your answer to any of these questions is no, Trusted Law is the solution for you."

Trusted Law combines the benefits of South Africa's leading provider of cloud based e-mail archiving, continuity and security, Mimecast, with the world's leading hosted e-mail server solution, Microsoft Exchange. Together they form a single, secure and easy-to-use solution that solves information compliance requirements.

Mc Loughlin adds that Trusted Law can be equally beneficial to those legal firms that are just starting up as those that have been around for years. Providing a ready-made Web presence and e-mail account, the solution is simple to set up and offers guaranteed virus and spam protection. With a once-off setup fee and an affordable monthly management fee, Trusted Law ensures peace of mind and security.

"Trusted Law gives you full control and total availability of your information, contractual communication and ensures you never lose this data again. The totally secure platform will allow you to work smarter and show a more professional face to your clients, and give them what they need instantly from any device. In today's globalised business environment, even small firms can have access to world-leading technology," Mc Loughlin concludes.

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