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J2 inks exclusive distribution deal with Skyview Partners

JohnLocal ICT Company, J2 Software, has scooped the exclusive distribution rights to SkyView Partners security and compliance offerings for Africa. Skyview Partners specialises in Security and Compliance solutions specifically aimed at IBMi (previously iSeries), AIX and Linux platforms.

John Mc Loughlin, MD of J2 Software says that in the tough economic environment of today, companies are constantly looking for ways to survive, and protect their market share. Organisations have less time to focus on security and compliance than ever before – and tight budgets have made system security specialists a luxury in modern day organisations.

"You know these areas have to be addressed; but other things always seem to take priority. Our partnership with Skyview means that we can help. You will now have the ability to allow our offerings and expertise to bring the required attention to security as well as monitor it so you don't have to."

Mc Loughlin adds that J2 has always helped its customers achieve simpler methods for compliance and security monitoring by providing easy to manage data security and policy enforcement solutions. "I am thrilled to add the SkyView IBMi focused solutions to our arsenal. This will add a fully installed and configured Security Compliance Reporting solution for IBMi, AIX platforms and Linux installations to the J2 portfolio. The solution set is very focused on specific equipment and it takes all the complexity out of compliance and security management problems."

He says he is excited about this opportunity to work with SkyView Partners, as the company brings a leading solution focused specifically at the IBMi, AIX and Linux environments. "This will provide our clients total peace of mind that their compliance and security policies on this equipment are easily and automatically covered."

John Vanderwall, chairman, CEO and co-founder of SkyView Partners adds: "The resources that customers have for their IBMi environments are a precious commodity and developing compliance reports takes time away from the day-to-day details of running of the business. SkyView Partners has created a solution that includes installation of its products, configuration of reports as well as scheduling the reports to be generated for regular monitoring by trained security experts. All customers need to do is check their email for the feedback and recommendations."

Vanderwall says SkyView has found the ideal partner in J2 Software. "J2's proven track record, and well established footprint, particularly in Africa, puts them in a perfect position to distribute SkyView's solutions." J2 has implemented solutions and provided services at many well-known and highly esteemed organisations with sites running in South Africa, Angola, Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with J2."

J2 Software is very excited about offering the Managed Security Services in conjunction with Skyview Partners. "Pre-configured and automated reports will be analysed and we will provide a summary analysis on a monthly basis. We understand that the modern organisation's compliance and security resources are constrained. We will do the monitoring and provide our customer the security issues which they need to address. This is the same as having a global leader in the field (Carol Woodbury) as your Security Administrator for a low monthly fee per partition. This will provide comprehensive security and compliance coverage without adding to the admin overhead or headcount," Mc Loughlin adds.

He says J2 Software will be distributing the solution through its established relationships across the continent. In addition, J2 plans to host a two-day security training session with Carol Woodbury, president and co-founder of SkyView Partners, early in 2014 called Security Deep Dive for IBM i Security.

"Security Deep Dive for IBM i Security is just that - a deep dive into the fundamentals and advanced topics of IBM i security, taught by the leading expert in the industry. In this two day class, users will be lead through topics such as the fundamentals of IBM i security to ensure they have a firm foundation and more advanced topics such as IFS security and Security Administration. Woodbury will lead attendees through the investigation necessary and methodology used to change an application security scheme from wide-open to secure as well as discuss administering IBM i security and IBM i requirements for compliance with most standards and regulations."

"We offer our clients complete peace of mind through the cost-effective delivery of world-beating policy enforcement and compliance solutions, communication cost allocation, data security, encryption and PC protection tools and services. SkyView IBM i Security Compliance Solution is perfect addition to J2's offerings," Mc Loughlin concludes.

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