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Combat Insider Threat Proactively

Dtex partner J2 has heralded new features to Dtex Intercept 6.0, a first-of-its-kind insider threat management solution that delivers always-on, human-centric security by proactively illuminating dangerous activity. The solution will help stop insider threats, prevent data loss and protect the workforce wherever they may be.

Offering unique ‘Indicators of Intent’ capabilities, Intercept 6.0 empowers cybersecurity teams with contextual awareness of workforce activities without invading personal privacy. Dtex Intercept 6.0 provides insight and delivers workforce cyber intelligence.

It also uncovers malicious and negligent behaviour well before an incident occurs, and provides a full audit trail after without invading employee privacy.

J2 CEO John Mc Loughlin says next generation cybersecurity must focus on the human factor. “This is the most important aspect of any business’s ability to operate safely and efficiently. Intercept 6.0 allows businesses to easily see, understand and act on contextual technical and behavioural intelligence."

Insider threats continue to be a top security, risk and compliance concern for every business, regardless of size or industry. Investments in point solutions and reliance on modules from SIEM and EPP platforms are falling short as evidenced by the increasing number of high-profile data breaches caused by malicious, accidental and negligent employees and consultants.

These solutions are simply not engineered to monitor and surveil the most critical and common denominator in every business activity: the humans powering the day-to-day operations, especially as digital transformation accelerates and businesses adopt virtual, work from home business models.

According to Gartner, one of the keys to success in building an Insider Threat Management Program is to “determine risky behavioural patterns, using past incidents and cross functional input, and correlate the technical as well as behavioural threat indicators to analyse each incident in its full context.”

Intercept 6.0 continuously collects and synthesizes more than 500 unique elements of enterprise telemetry from data, machines, applications and people (DMAP) to surface dynamic ‘Indicators of Intent’ that combine to deliver holistic, contextual awareness about an enterprise workforce’s activities. These elements are enriched in near real-time using advanced behavioural models that are mapped against a person’s normal activity and peer group baselines.

Dtex’s predictive analytics engine continuously processes, scores and stacks ‘Indicators of Intent’ to stream live status updates, trend analysis and, when required, trigger notifications of abnormal activity that deviate from baselines and indicate elevated risks to an interactive, all-in-one dashboard for forensic investigation, protective action and cross-functional reporting. This can be delivered from the cloud or on-premise.

New features and capabilities like advanced analytics capabilities include Automated Activity Correlation, Peer Group Anomaly Detection, Immediate ‘Known-bad’ Behaviour Alerts and Advanced Rule Based Behaviour Profiling. This includes profiling of new or rare processes / URLs and IP addresses.

Additionally, next-gen automated reporting includes CISO Scorecard, User Investigation and Remote Working Trends. It also boasts enhanced visualisation and dashboarding capabilities

Mc Loughlin points to the enhanced lightweight forwarder. “The V6 forwarder adds several important data collection categories and an improved client to server communication architecture for ‘near-zero’ impact to the endpoint, as well as faster data post-processing. Technical highlights include data capture from AD/endpoint event logs, always-on file hashing (configurable algorithms) and more.”

“Unlike other solutions that are restrained to only analysing people or devices of interest once identified by human analysts, Dtex Intercept 6.0 was purpose-built to scale and protect the entire organisation up to millions of users, endpoints and servers continuously,” he concludes.

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