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J2 Software Showcases Cyber Security Centre at 2017 Security Summit

Cyber Security J2 software

J2 Software Showcases Cyber Security Centre at 2017 Security Summit

J2 Software has revealed it will showcase its highly successful Cyber Security Centre (CSC) at the forthcoming ITWeb 2017 Security Summit, taking place in Johannesburg between the 15th and 19th May.

J2 Software launched its CSC earlier this year with a view to supporting businesses to improve both information security and aid compliance.

John Mc Loughlin, MD, J2 Software says J2 Software’s main theme at the Summit will be “Lifting the curtain on Information Security”. “Our drive and value proposition to the country’s business community revolves around providing real visibility.”

The CSC was launched amid a growing need from the businesses for better security in an environment where cyber breaches are wrecking financial havoc but even worse, brand denigration resulting in long term loss of business as customer trust is lost.

“The Security Summit is the perfect platform for us to showcase what the CSC is already achieving for businesses around South Africa. We will reveal our approach to providing businesses of all sizes with real and practical solutions to evolving cyber threats – and can show how we deliver this via the J2 Cyber Security Centre.”

Mc Loughlin notes organisations cannot continue to apply the same defence principles of the last 15 years to stop the modern-day threats and their variations. “This is proven by global research, from many sources, which shows that more and more businesses are being successfully attacked than ever before. Traditional approaches no longer provide enough protection.

“We invite businesses to come to the Summit and speak to our executive team who will show why we think that without total visibility, business will never win the war against cyber breaches. We operate in a different world where security threats and the manner of breaching measures in place – are evolving all the time. This is why we provide a different service.”

Mc Loughlin says User based analytics on the network alone is not a guarantee of protection. “For example, what happens when your user pops down to the local coffee shop and siphons the data online from a network no longer under your control. J2 Cyber Security Centre will provide the required visibility and we tailor a service based model which fits your individual requirements. There is not a one-size-fits-all solution and we do not force companies to select any particular brand of perimeter security. We ensure that businesses maximize returns from their existing investments in security and then enhance this by providing a comprehensive view with total visibility.”

Mc Loughlin concludes that no company should permit lack of security resources to prevent them from adequately securing the business.

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