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J2 Cyber Security Centre – The threats keep rolling in…

Cyber Security J2 software

Cape Town Thursday April 20, 2017: J2 Software launched its Cyber Security Centre just over three months ago and the company reports on the success of the venture in the midst of a cyber crime onslaught.

J2 Software, MD, John Mc Loughlin says it has been a busy time for all involved. “The J2 team have been hard at work dealing with the challenge of ever changing threats. We have continually amended our approach to keep up with the needs of customers and the ultimate goal of keeping their businesses secure.” He adds the last few months has seen them implementing processes and procedures aimed at adding even more value for customers. “The new measures are also to ensure that we are constantly at the top of our game.”

Mc Loughlin says that despite the ever changing face of attacks certain things have remained constant.

“What has remained constant is the J2 team’s obsessive commitment to providing the highest level of service to customers of all sizes through the provision of real value-driven security services and risk assessments delivered by approachable and knowledgeable professionals. Unfortunately, the other constant in our business is the growth in the number of cyber-attacks being orchestrated each and every day.

“The J2 Cyber Security Centre has seen an increase not only in the number of attacks, but also growth in the different kinds of attacks. Every week has brought new variants and some that have evolved slightly in the attack approach and aimed at freeing up our customer’s sensitive data. Others are a head-on attack with the sole purpose of stealing our customers hard earned revenues.”

Mc Loughlin notes it is quite sad that even with the increased visibility and acceptance that Cyber Threats are real – they often only get to speak to business owners after they have already been a victim. “We are more than happy to help at any point, but we would really prefer to prevent losses – rather than come in and mop up after a company has taken a hit.”

He says budget considerations are usually first and foremost when businesses are deciding what they can afford but should possibly rather approach from the angle of can we afford the losses from a cyber breach. “We understand that businesses do not have the advantage of bottomless budget for cyber security and this is why we are unique. Organisations do not need to be multi-nationals with billion rand budgets to have access to real and actionable threat data to prevent breaches and limit damage.

“The scary truth is that because all sensitive and personal information is electronic and almost all transactions happen on the internet, everybody is a target today. The SME and mid-market enterprises are most at risk – simply because they lack the capability to detect, fight and stop these risks.” Mc Loughlin says it is impossible to combat a threat if companies are not even aware they are under attack. The J2 Cyber Security Centre provides Unified Security Management – based on customers’ specific needs. “We work with our clients to improve their information security posture over time. We do not come in and ask them to change everything at once. We work with business budgets and ask our clients to assess their appetite for risk.”

He says J2 Software has been involved in preventing attacks from exploited hosts in Cape Town, Durban and Boksburg in the last 30 days alone. “It is not happening only from Russia or China – companies can be attacked from the friendly site down the road. A wise business owner will make budget to ensure they have professional advisers on board, providing visibility and preventing them from becoming the latest victim of cyber crime.

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