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SA cyber security company J2 Software plans to set up an office in Dubai and leverage this presence (and that of its twelve-and-a-half year operation in South Africa), to direct its interests in Africa going forward. Its expansion drive is centred on the core message that visibility in IT security solutions within the organisation equals capability or capacity to react.

Having announced 40% year-on-year growth in revenue for the first half of the financial year, Managing Director John McLoughlin confirmed the company's expansion plans.

"We are in the first few weeks of looking into opening an office in Dubai... and an office in the UK and also Australia. Dubai will be used to handle some regions in Africa, but essentially South Africa will be used to handle our neighbours ... Botswana, Namibia, maybe Zimbabwe, and a little bit of Mozambique (mainly English-speaking). Enhancing our presence in South Africa is something I am also very interested in and I am also quite keen in looking at Rwanda because of the boom there," said McLoughlin.

In South Africa the company has plans in the pipeline to establish an office in Durban and possibly in Port Elizabeth (PE).

 John McLoughlin, MD, J2 SoftwareLeading SA cyber security company J2 Software has revealed the achievement of 40% year-on-year growth in revenue in the first half of its financial year.

J2 Software MD John Mc Loughlin says this is no mean feat in a zero growth economy.

"We have had some great successes during the first half of our 2018/2019 financial year, with our revenues reflecting a very pleasing 40% increase year on year," says Mc Loughlin.

Mc Loughlin reveals the company is exploring expansion opportunities aimed at extending its reach and services outside of South African borders. "This includes investigating the viability of taking our business model and replicating it not only throughout Europe, including the UK, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) markets, but also to Australia. Our time-frame for this is in the region of 12 to 24 months.

Following on from the article on threat detection and solutions, John Mc Loughlin, CEO of J2 Software highlights the importance of knowledge in the fight against cybercrime, as well as the importance of visibility into all your systems, processes, digital assets and people. The following pointers are presented as a starting point to improved cyber awareness and security.

It's time to bust the myth. Millennials do in fact care about their security and online safety but are too trusting to recognise real threats.

I often hear this sentiment expressed in conversations with both IT and security executives.

It is implied that this younger, tech-savvy generation, who have now become an integral part of the business community, have a laissez-faire attitude to security. Moreover, the current generation of business leaders are reportedly struggling to properly integrate millennials into existing legacy security and risk frameworks.

Unquestionably the insider threat is real and most cyber attacks are a result of someone who is already inside the firewall, says John Mc Loughlin, MD, J2 Software.

On the 11th June, 2018, it was reported that the FBI had made 74 arrests in a global crackdown on e-mail fraud scams, in which criminals have attempted to steal billions of dollars from businesses and individuals. J2 Software notes South Africa is not immune