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Be Accountable for your Accounts

When you think of your internet banking, you know it is your most secure account with a difficult password and multi-factor authentication.

In your mind, that is how it will be most secure, and it definitely helps but have you ever thought about other accounts that have your credit card details? If they are breached, it is the same as your online banking being breached.

I heard someone say they don’t worry too much about their Netflix password because what, is someone going to watch a movie for free?

Unfortunately, what they forgot was that they entered their card details into Netflix to activate the account.

That is what the hackers are after, they don’t want to re-watch friends for free.

This is why it is so important that you keep track of what you sign up for and where you enter your confidential details.

You need to treat every online account like you would your online banking, because everything is connected.

I know it is a daunting task, thinking up multiple difficult passwords for your different accounts but because you no longer have one or two that contain breachable information, they all need to be on lockdown.

Hackers rely on you to sign up and enter details into so many accounts that you forget about one or two and they are left defenseless.

With everything being online these days, have a list of accounts (not any passwords please) but a list that you can add to and take away from in order to keep track of what you have signed up for.

Use different passwords for each of your online accounts. Make sure that when you are signing in to the account that it is the correct site and not a spoofed site.

A small change can make a huge difference and keep you cyber safe.

Be aware and stay secure!

Let’s get real!



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