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Could’ve, would’ve, should’ve

“I told you so” is an expression that most of you know. For those of you that may be unaware of what it means, it is the dreaded words uttered after the exact negative outcome that someone had told you is going to happen if you followed through with your actions has happened and you are left with a feeling of regret. Basically, they are saying they were right and you were wrong.

This happens often within the Cyber Security world, individuals say they don’t need more security, they have enough and that type of breach will never happen.

But of course, they do need more security, they didn’t have enough and that type of breach happened.

Understanding that no amount of security is “too much” is the first step.

You’ve never heard someone say “I regret being too secure and not getting breached”

Putting cyber safety at the forefront of your daily life is the only way to live in this hyper-connected world.

There is so much knowledge and tools available to protect yourself against cybercrime that being uninformed can’t be used as an excuse anymore. You need to educate yourself and those around you.

Once you understand what staying cyber safe entails, you can take the steps to ensure that your environment is safe both at home and at work.

Whether you are an SME, a large enterprise or a home user, there is a cyber security solution tailor made to fit your needs.

You may think as an SME that cyber security is only for the bigger companies, that is where you are going very wrong. The smaller you are, the greater effect a breach can have, it could even close your business.

If you are in a situation at work where you are trying to implement more cyber security and just not being successful, don’t just give up, find more resources to present to the decision makers and get specialist in to the board meeting like J2 Software, to make those who need to know aware of the danger and loss they will experience should a breach occur and when I say should, I mean when a breach occurs, because if there is little to no security, a breach will happen.

If you are one of those decision makers, do the right thing and secure your environment. It is no longer just outsiders you need to worry about, human error breaches are the most common, that is caused by your employees. Taking control of your environment and educating your employees about cybercrime and cyber security best practices is as much a priority as the business turning a profit.

Don’t let me say, “I told you so”

Get protected and stay protected.

Let’s get real

Olivia-Hannah Coetzee


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