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It’s time to face the truth around privacy

You may or may not have seen the latest Facebook trend that has gone viral and numerous articles that are skeptical of this seemingly “harmless” game.

The 10-year challenge has users adding a then and now photo, to show friends and family the effects of time and perhaps laugh at their former personas.

Just like click bait, this way of gathering data is a bait, and they wait to see you take it. By falling for these types of ploys, you are giving them even more information and allowing them to see what type of consumer you are, what ad’s will work etc.

This is all good and well, but with facebook’s recent track record for breaches, any information put on there is vulnerable, especially updated “now” versions of you. Perfect for tracking and hackers.

You are often oblivious to the underlying security risks that these types of applications hold.

 If you must click agree before taking one of the personality tests or what animal are you, it usually has fine print stating that it can have access to your profile, and what do you have on your profile? Photos, Birthday, place of work? You just gave them permission to access this information.

You want privacy and want to ensure you are practicing your cyber security best practices but how can you be safe if you continue to put information out into the public domain that can be used by cybercriminals to target you in a cyber attack.

It is so important to pick the applications, websites and businesses that you share information on/with wisely. Because even if you have all the right security in place, if they don’t have proper cyber security, and they are breached, your information is breached.

Everything that uses the internet, will be breached, it is just a matter of when.

Don’t be a victim, be cyber smart.

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Olivia-Hannah Coetzee


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