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With internet access comes great responsibility

Driving to work a week or two ago, the discussion on the radio peaked my interest. The presenters were discussing the fact that due to the ever-growing cyber world that in order to not have a mile-long address, individuals have started creating an email address for their new born child, and some people are even creating social media profiles for their children.

I started thinking that this is all good and well, but are you going to ensure that when your child is old enough to take over the accounts, that you have taught them how to be cyber safe?

For starters, before they can take over the account you have created, you need to be aware of the dangers of posting your children all over public social media, as cyber criminals could target them. They have your whereabouts and what your child looks like. It would be better to share privately with your friends and family, rather create groups for progress photos and information, not a public forum that you have no control over who is viewing this information.

This is why keeping your home computer secure is so important, it would be futile to make sure you are sharing privately and not have a protected device.

 With everything moving to digital, all your family photos are uploaded onto your computer and if you do not take the proper precautions and have security software enabled, hackers can gain access. J2 Software has come out with a new J2 Home Secure, that will ensure the safety of your information.

Once having your home secure, start to think of what you will pass on to your child when they gain access to these platforms. Teach them about basic cyber safety, inform them of the risks that come along with being an active member of the cyber community.


  • Different passwords for each account.
  • Social media account must always be private.
  • Partnering with J2 Software to ensure your computer and network is secure, for both home and work.
  • Never give out any personal information.
  • Do not click on any links or attachments sent from an unknown source.

Cyber safety should be the conversation you have before handing over the usernames and passwords, it will be a disaster to allow them access and not guide or make sure they are equipped to take on the growing amount of cyber attacks that occur. Knowledge is power, and the sooner you understand that with anything cyber related, if its not secure, it can have far reaching effects, its just not worth taking that risk.


Olivia-Hannah Coetzee


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