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12 years – A time for thanks!

 In a flash, 12 years have passed since we launched J2 Software. 12 years filled with great times and difficult times. Being a new business, with new products in a changing world was not always easy. There have been two economic meltdowns and I think we were virtually bankrupt 3 times. What a wild ride it has been and we are not done yet. This is thanks to Team J2, our loyal customers and partners and focus on delivering the highest level of service to our customers while ensuring our team grow and develop along the way.

I will never forget the stunned silence when I called Jason and told him that the time had come, he should hand in his resignation and J2 Software launched in April 2006. Since the beginning we have had the support and backing of our families who believed in the vision and we are eternally grateful to them.

We owe so many people thanks so I am going to focus on the earlier years. Pre-launch; I got sage advice and support from my then MD, Keith Mullan – who ended up spending some time as our Finance Manager before moving overseas a few years later. We are also grateful to David Futter and Kimmo Heldan who provided us working space at a crazy, cheap rental to get off the ground.

Out first “office” was in the warehouse. It was here that we learnt about the elements while sharing a desk with our laptops, shared 3G card and a printer, tucked away in the corner out of the way. We were also taught that you can never make a Friday afternoon fire TOO big by Calvin and Richard. The warehouse laid a great foundation for our work ethic and customer focus in all conditions.  This was also the start of long lasting friendships and future collaboration opportunities.

Over the years these friendships continue, even though people have moved to other adventures and we still have great friendships with the likes of Kimmo, Jat and Immo and so many more. Many of whom were there right at the beginning.  Every one of these amazing people have played a part in our current success in one way or another.

Let us also not forget the power of the list from Gerry – without this kick start, it would have taken far longer to get things off the ground. Using this list and the hard work of J2 employee number 3, Natalie, who came in and single-handedly ensured that we were out there in front of the right people. Surviving, growing and thriving. Her work was a real game changer and she continues to help drive the business today.

j2 extract 1

An extract from our first press release in 2006

Then of course there is Team J2 – we have always done all we can to punch above our weight and I cannot express my gratitude enough to those who have been here with us. I have very fond memories about most…

jasonIt would not be fitting if I did not also send a huge shout out to Jason – my business partner, friend and the more practical of the two J’s. We have had many disagreements but this has never got in the way of us doing the right thing for J2 Software. I value his loyalty and support over the last 12 years higher than just about everything. His focus and dedication to J2 and our customers cannot be faulted and he lives the vision to provide world class service to all our customers. One day we will get him the golf lessons he so desperately needs.

As we look ahead with our new and current team I want to assure our customers that our focus will remain on providing high levels of service and practical solutions to security issues as they occur.

To everybody at Team J2 - we will work as hard as possible to ensure that each and every person in the organisation grows with us, learns and enjoys their time at our little adolescent, J2 Software. 

We look forward to the continued support of our customers backed by the best little team of experts in the industry. We continue to strive to be your strategic partners and remain an integral part of your success.

In future features we will look in more detail at some of the key members of Team J2 as we continue our celebration of the first 12 years.

John Mc Loughlin – J2 Software



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