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    Managed security services to fit your changing needs

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J2 Managed Security Services

J2 Software will provide you with a Managed Security Services solution individually tailored to fit your changing needs.

There is no standard J2 Software Managed Security Services model; and the service can be adapted to perfectly match your changing business requirements. J2 Software will effectively provide you with ongoing support to ensure that your environment, equipment, people and security policies are not only tracked but also constantly reported on.
J2 Software has the necessary skills to provide you with everything from:
  • Security assessments
  • On-going monitoring and maintenance
  • Employee and Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Policy Reporting & Enforcement
We will tailor a solution that matches your needs and ensures that your organisation is always on.

J2 Software uses best practice to ensure that you know your equipment, people and resources are used effectively to deliver real business value. We can provide you detailed analysis and coverage for all your Information Security needs.

So it is the right time to allow J2 Software to deliver the service you really need:
  • Full Outsourced security operation
  • Offsite backup
  • Fixed hours each month
  • Security reporting and consulting services
  • Ad-Hoc consulting

Cyber Risk Assessments with ongoing monitoring and remediation.

With J2 Software’s combination of skills, knowledge and leading solutions we will ensure all users and equipment are working as they should. We will ensure that we cut out waste, prevent abuse and retain availability and security. This will be backed up with regular reporting to ensure effective governance and compliance.

These tasks are handled J2 Software's professional consultants, which in turn allows you to focus on your business with the peace of mind that your equipment, people and policies are all working as they should be..

How it Works

  • J2 Software consultants:

    will check, update and continually configure your environment and installation to your requirements - with no interaction or disruption.
  • J2 Software will perform:

    regular activity reporting and enforcement as per specification and requirement. Any time spent on-site will also be used for routine maintenance, software upgrades, training, rule changes, etc.
  • J2 Software will provide :

    you with continual report backs and recommendations on changes to configurations to keep in line with trends, policies and new threats.
  • J2 Software can provide:

    ongoing feedback on all user activity, time spent on internet sites, application usage, removable drive usage, etc. You will get access to information about what is really happening on your network; without any of the hassle.
We will ensure that your policies are properly enforced; users are productive and are not abusing resources. You will have the peace of mind and know you are getting maximum value for money.

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