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J2 Software will provide a review of your current Security Polices

J2 Security Policy Review

Security Policy Review

In order to enforce policies and protect your organisation from risk it is vital that we first understand your policies. J2 Software will provide a review of your current Security Polices.

Our services are not limited to security policies; it may also include internet, email and acceptable use policies.

J2 Software will review your policies and then provide you with relevant feedback on user acceptability and compliance to laws and governance regulations. This will ensure that you have everything required to cover all areas of risk within your organisation.

We will also make sure that all modern technology changes are catered for.

information Security Services

Information Security Training

J2 Software offers comprehensive training to its customers so as to enable the IT administrators, audit staff and management to keep the internal IT environment secure and prevent unauthorised disclosure of sensitive information. We can tailor make training according to customer requirements. Our specialised consultants also provide solution specific training.

The training can either be offered on-site or as part of an installation.

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