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Enterprise DMAP Intelligence

Enterprise DMAP Intelligence

The DMAP Enterprise Platform delivers critical security and business intelligence in real-time, at enterprise scale.


Lightweight Metadata Collectors
Near-zero performance impact to endpoint/network
(<0.5% CPU, 3 - 4MB per endpoint per day)

On And Off Network
Offers continuous visibility both on and off the corporate network

Multi-Platform Support
Windows, macOS, Linux | Laptops, Desktops, Servers | Virtual Environments (VDI, Citrix)


Real-Time Streaming Analytics
Distributed NoSQL database with streaming analytics for real-time analysis, visualization and search.

Cloud Ready
Secure, high availability cloud deployments with auto-scaling.

Scalability Across The Enterprise
Flat-file architecture, scalable to hundreds of thousands of endpoints.

Point solutions have tried and failed to create a secure enterprise. Dtex offers a modern approach with comprehensive, organization-wide visibility.

Comprehensive DMAP Visibility

Dtex provides a meaningful, comprehensive view across data, machines, applications, and people. This provides a single pane of glass with visibility that you can't get from EDR, DLP, SIEM, and CASB tools.

Illuminate Blind Spots

Dtex fills in the gaps in your greater security posture. Most security tools can't show you what they don't catch, such as misconfigured rules or intentional security bypass. Dtex illuminates these blind spots, highlighting how other solutions are failing and where weaknesses need to be addressed.

The Full Kill Chain

No security incident is a truly a single, isolated event. While many security tools focus only on the moment of exfiltration, Dtex captures the full contextual audit trail surrounding an event. This allows for the detection of early-warning signs, as well as for simple and efficient investigations.

Be "Left of Boom" with True-Positive Alerts

Dtex elevates risks for inspection before it's too late. Using the combination of machine learning algorithms and behavioral models, Dtex pinpoints users or machines that display high-risk behaviors. Every alert is a real indicator of abnormal behavior, rather than an educated guess.

Simpler Investigations & Shorter Time-to-Resolution

Because Dtex records a full audit trail, analysts can understand an incident in full context in minutes – without resorting to hiring an outside team, or waiting days, weeks, or months to collect and parse data.

Answer Questions, Organization-Wide

Dtex allows security teams to answer complicated questions in minutes. Security teams can query hundreds of thousands of endpoints instantly in order to understand the complete, complex story of how users interact with data.

Patented Anonymization

Dtex includes patented anonymization technology that obscures all identifying user information, ensuring that visibility does not come at the expense of privacy.

Minimal Endpoint Footprint

Dtex is very lightweight, with no noticeable performance impact. It can easily scale enterprise wide, collects just 3-4 MB of data per user per day, and can be deployed without requiring the removal of another agent.

Dtex is lightweight, scalable, and gives security teams the data they need to ask the right questions and get immediate answers.


Dtex provides answers, not just alerts. By combining user-focused visibility with machine learning and behavioral models, Dtex is able to provide accurate, intelligent insights into what users are doing within the organization and how they interact with data. This combination allows organizations to answer the important questions: who, what, where, when, and how.

Learn More About Dtex's Machine Learning


Dtex is incredibly lightweight, collecting just 3-4MB of data per user per day and creating no noticeable network impact. It does not harm employee productivity or endpoint performance, and as a result of this lightweight nature, it can be deployed enterprise wide at full scale. Today’s technological landscape means that it’s never enough to only protect a small portion of your employees. Organizations trust Dtex because it can cover their entire enterprise.

Learn How Dtex Provides a Scalable Replacement for Employee Monitoring


Dtex provides insights in near real-time because modern technology moves so fast that anything less is a liability. Unlike some other solutions, Dtex does not require excessive tuning to begin providing value. This means that when threats or priorities shift, organizations can quickly re-tune Dtex to target threats without going through a significant tuning process. What’s more, the real time nature of Dtex’s visibility and alerts is critical for industries such as financial services, who must protect real-time messaging platforms like SWIFT.

Learn More About How Dtex Fulfills SWIFT Controls


Security doesn’t need to come at the expense of privacy. Dtex is one of the only security tools to put privacy first, offering patented anonymization features that can obscure all identifying data from user behavior data. In the current public and legal culture, organizations can no longer afford to ignore privacy. Dtex‘s anonymization features mean that it can be deployed even under strict privacy regulations (such as GDPR) and that it doesn’t harm company culture by violating employee privacy.

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