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Insider Cyber Threat

The Dtex system provides the clear visibility and analytics needed to find both malicious insiders and employees who accidentally put the company at risk. Common findings include:

insider threatTheft of Intellectual Property

Detect the theft of sensitive data (by internal and external actors) that other security systems miss. Predict the flight risk for departing employees.



failed security controlsFailed Security Controls

See which controls employees have figured out how to bypass, or that aren't configured properly.



Malicious EmployeesMalicious Employees

Spot employees who are using corporate equipment for illegal activity or are trying to sabotage corporate systems.


Off Network Risky BehaviorOff-Network Risky Behavior

Fill the visibility gap that most organizations have - understand what users are doing with corporate devices while offline.


Fraud and EmbezzlementFraud and Embezzlement

Detect the theft of inventory and/or customer data for sale to external parties.


trainingAccidental Misuse

Insider threats leave your organization exposed. Find and train staff who are making the most serious mistakes.