• Security and Privacy go Hand-in-Hand

    Dtex Advanced User Behavioural Monitoring

  • A malicious insider doesn’t act on a whim

    Insider Cyber Threat

Dtex provides an incredibly lightweight micro-agent on each end point.

  • Advanced User Behavioural Monitoring  
  • Dtex’s Anonymisation
  • Insider Cyber Threat
  • Detect Theft of Intellectual Property
  • Security Controls
  • Spot Malicious Employees
  • Off-Network Risky Behaviour
  • Fraud and Embezzlement
  • Accidental Misuse
  • External Compromise of Devices
  • Operational Efficiency Analysis
  • IT Regulatory Compliance
  • IT Visibility and Support

Insider Cyber Threat

A malicious insider doesn’t act on a whim – their behaviour changes weeks or months in advance.

J2 Software and Dtex allow you to catch these early indicators of insider events before they happen. Using powerful machine learning and behaviour patterns, Dtex is able to find warning signs of impending threats instead of relying solely on reactive detection. Advance warning through anomaly detection gives you the capability to respond before disaster strikes. 

J2 Software and Dtex shows you the bigger picture.

Dtex provides you with the visibility and analytics needed to identify both malicious insiders and employees who accidentally put the company at risk. Common findings include:

Theft of Intellectual Property

Off-Network Risky Behaviour

Failed Security Controls

Fraud and Embezzlement

Malicious Employees

Accidental Misuse

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