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See, Understand, and Act


DTEX''s Workforce cyber Intelligence Platform delivers holistic, real-time contectual awareness about your workforce activities, without invading personal privacy, so you can keep your organization running efficiently and surely.

Stop Insider Threats Like Roger

Remote Workforce Security

Download this complimentary eBook to lear the top 3 security risks organizations should address to protect WFH Employees .

Ethics of Employee Monitoring

Read this exclusive research report from Gartner to learn how CIO's can help navigate the ethical and technical challenges of employee monitoring.


Next-Gen InT   |   Time to Value in Hours  |   Zero Impact

Cybersecurity and IT teams do not need more projects, they need enterprise wide visibility that can be deployed in minutes and workforce intelligence they can act on in hours.

Deploys in Minutes

Lightweight forwarders collect only 3-5MB of data per user/day, create no network impact and do not harm employee productivity or endpoint performance, using less than 0.5% CPU

Actionable Intelligence on Day 1

DTEX InTERCEPT delivers enterprise-wide visibility and investigative audit capabilities within the first 24 hours.

Behavioral Anomaly Detection

DTEX InTERCEPT begins identifying outlier behavior that may be malicious, negligent or compromised within 10 days of deployment.

Automated Benchmark Reports

DTEX InTERCEPT calculates an Internal Risk Benchmark and produces an executive overview of organizational risk and actionable recommendations.



See how Williams F1 Protects Their Most Valuable IP

Williams Formula 1 is one of the top racing teams in the world, and their engineering division handles priceless intellectual property every day. In a highly competitive industry where fractions of a second can make or break success, see how Williams F1 trusts DTEX to protect their data and enable innovation.






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