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J2SECOPS WEEKLY NEWS: This week in the J2 CSC, Managed Security Service Providers Should Act local and Be global.

j2 picSpend a few seconds searching the web and you’ll find more managed security service providers than you can shake a stick at, all vying for your business and convincing you of their unique selling points. Many of these services providers are simply moonlighting in cybersecurity while the bulk of their attention is focused on data storage, ecommerce, or vague promises of increasing your revenue. Unfortunately, the truth is that most of these service providers cannot provide the kinds of personalized, specialized solutions that one should demand from a Security As A Service program. We and our partners “Act local and Think Globally” and in this arena is where the local J2 Software MSSP brand shines. 

This is exactly why we need everyone to take this sentiment to heart. Thinking globally and acting locally has to become second nature to everyday people doing everyday things, like commuting to work or shopping at the grocery store. Otherwise, “think global, act local” is just a slick sounding “Environmental” statement that people say to fit in or feel special about having said.

So, without any further delay, enjoy our roundup of stories for this week…

4 Best reasons to work with a Local MSSP.

There are several clear advantages to working with a local network security partner. From the convenience of proximity to the human connection that a local relationship can foster, local MSSPs provide a level of confidence that is necessary when business owners decide to entrust their security in the hands of a third party. Here are four reasons Indiana organizations should team up with a local managed security service provider.

4 Reasons to work with a local MSSP | Techvisity

Partnering an MSSP to protect your business in an evolving threat environment.

Research firm Cybersecurity Ventures has projected that the cost of cybercrime could reach US$6 trillion by 2021, compared to an estimated US$3 trillion in 2015. The figure takes into account all possible damages associated with cybercrime activities including theft of data and intellectual property, fraud, lost productivity, reputational harm, post-attack disruption and the restoration of hacked data and systems.

Partnering an MSSP to protect your business in an evolving threat environment | Singtel

J2 Software reveals exceptional growth in tough economic climate, plus expansion plans.

This will lead to the creation of regional offices to manage the growth. This will be augmented through exciting new launches in the next three months. The fact is that everybody and everything is now connected in our modern world, prioritising the need for practical and real cyber security solutions. J2 has geared itself to deliver on-demand security services that add value and improve our digital, connected experience.

Again, Acting local Being global.

J2 Software reveals exceptional growth in tough economic climate, plus expansion plans | John McLoughlin