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J2SECOPS WEEKLY NEWS: This week in the J2 CSC, Human Error, Data breach reporting is up! and cybersecurity awareness month.

Another week gone! We are in September already and the year is flying by. I sometimes feel that we’re in that weird part of the year where people realize that most of their plans are almost achieved and there is way too little year left to achieve everything that has been set out to do. Well it’s time to get into high-gear! So, let’s all give it the heave-ho and the last big push while others might be opening their inboxes - saying NOPE - and shutting them back down again – I say let’s make it Happen!

So, without any further delay, enjoy our roundup of stories for this week…

Human Error, rather than conspiracies, top self-reported data breaches

Data breaches at organisations that 'fess up to the UK's data protection watchdog are about seven times more likely to be caused by human error than hackers.
According to data released under the Freedom of Information Act, 2,124 incidents reported by organisations in 2017-18 could be pinned on mistakes or incompetence.
Only 292 were classed as having a cyber element.

Cock-ups, rather than conspiracies, top self-reported data breaches | Rebecca Hill

Data breaches up 75% increase last two years

Data breaches are up 75% in two years, finds a report from the Information Commissioner (ICO). The study, carried out by Kroll, considered an array of personal data, including health, financial and employment details. Access to this data was made possible under the Freedom of Information Act, in addition to some ICO data being publicly available.

Data breach reports see 75% increase in last two years | Information Age

Cybersecurity Awareness Month - Phishing

It’s September, which means it’s almost October, which is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM)!

NCSAM was launched by the National Cyber Security Alliance & the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in October 2004.

This government and industry collaboration was started with the intention to ensure citizens and companies of all sizes have access to resources needed to stay safe and secure online.

Every year, the official program focuses on a series of weekly themes. Many individuals and companies also share their own best practices and ideas for security awareness.

Cyber Security Awareness Month - Phishing | AlienVault