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J2SECOPS WEEKLY NEWS: This week in the J2 CSC, Cybercrime let’s get real!

This week, from a hot and humid U.A.E, we look at the impacts of cybercrime, how easily they are executed, and what you can do to firstly give yourself visibility and secondly, it’s time for you to do something about it!

According to the U.S. Department of Justice (the “DOJ”), the term cybercrime refers to any illegal activity for which a computer is used as its primary means of commission, transmission, or storage.
The list of criminal activities made possible by the widespread use of computers how grown exponentially in recent decades, and includes such acts as dissemination of computer viruses, network intrusion, identity theft, and even electronic bullying, stalking, and terrorism.

To further explore this concept, consider the following cybercrime definition.
Definition of Cybercrime
noun. Criminal activity that entails the use of a computer system, computer technology, or the internet.

Let us work with you and let’s get real!

And with this in mind, enjoy our roundup of stories for this week…

SIM Swap - A Victim’s Perspective

This is a really good write-up by AntiSocial Engineer taking a look at how SIM swap fraud can impact victims, and why mobile phone operators need to do more to prevent this kind of fraud.

“It’s an all too common story, the signal bars disappear from your mobile phone, you ring the phone number – it rings, but it’s not your phone ringing. Chaos ensues. You’re now getting password reset emails from Facebook and Google.
You try to login to your bank, but your password fails.  Soon enough the emails stop coming as attackers reset your account passwords. You have just become the newest victim of SIM Swap Fraud and your phone number is now at the control of an unknown person.”

SIM Swap Fraud - a victim’s perspective | AntiSocial Engineer

The 12+ Internet Crime Stories That Make Cybersecurity Measures Essential

Internet crime stories are dime a dozen, but these examples will show you why online security is essential. From ethical hacking to blackmail and car hijacking, these true stories show how you must act now to secure your well-being in the digital landscape.
With these carefully curated, most fascinating tech stories that cover the risks involved in any digital activity of device, so use the links below to navigate them.

The 12+ Internet Crime Stories That Make Cybersecurity Measures Essential  | HEIMDAL Security

Authorities capture cybercrime gang that stole $1.2 billion

The gang’s alleged mastermind, identified as a Ukrainian and named only as “Denis K.,” was arrested in the coastal city of Alicante, 220 miles southeast of Madrid, according to statements issued by Spanish police and European Union law enforcement agency Europol. Three suspected accomplices, said to be Russian and Ukrainian, were also arrested, Spanish authorities said. In Ukraine, police said that an unidentified 30-year-old man linked to the gang was cooperating with authorities.
The hackers — whose activities have long been tracked by security researchers — used malware to target more than 100 financial institutions worldwide, sometimes stealing up to 10 million euros in each heist. Almost all of Russia’s banks were targeted, and about 50 of them lost money in the electronic robberies, authorities said.

Authorities capture cybercrime gang that stole $1.2 billion | Associated Press