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J2SECOPS WEEKLY NEWS: This week in the J2 CSC, Cyber being a domain of conflict, Cold war “And they’re both correct.” as we explore unique perspectives.

During one of my binge-induced Netflix comas I discovered an “interesting” show: “The Same Sky” which basically plays out in East Berlin and West Berlin during the Cold War, whereby the premise of the story being the Soviets sending over an undercover officer who does nothing but seduce, steal information and manipulate information against the west. This made me think about how everyone knew this was happening and played many political games, almost tongue in cheek, at the cost of many lives; fast forward to today, the same is happening virtually everywhere with the same disregard, nay, contempt of peoples ignorance of todays version of the “Digital Berlin Wall”.

With this in mind, enjoy our roundup of stories for this week…

Cyber, is a domain of conflict

@thegrugq recently posted a tweet highlighting “A very succinct version of my keynote on cyber conflict”, I found this to be a very engaging perspective.

Cyber, the short version | the grugq, Medium

Nothing is at it seems

Netflix seems to be one of those companies that always seems to find its way into the technology news for the right reasons. They have been running, with some level of success, their private vulnerability disclosure program since 2013, resulting in 190+ issues being discovered and addressed. Recently the public at large have been invited to participate through the Bugcrowd bug bounty program.

Launching the Netflix Public Bug Bounty Program | Netflix, Medium
Netflix bug bounty program | Bugcrowd

Security scammers

There are many different types of scammers that operate on the internet. Security scammers approach website owners with claims that their website is infected or vulnerable and offer to fix the issues for a fee. A Scammer Tried to Scare Troy Hunt into Buying Their Security Services - Here's How It Went Down

A Scammer Tried to Scare Me into Buying Their Security Services - Here's How It Went Down | Troy Hunt


Speak to any security professional, that does any searching, analysing, and alerting.  It underpins almost any keyword that can be uses to describe the actions taken during security work. Outlining what it can do at a high level is simple to express, but it’s unreasonable to expect that you are as familiar with YARA as I am.  If you are up for a little exploration, dive into the details for a minute or two.

YARA Rules for Finding and Analysing in InfoSec | Monty St John

Spotlight: John McLoughlin, Managing Director, J2 Software

Get to know our commander in chief, whom has made much personal sacrifice to change the perception of our industry over the past 15 years.
Having worked with many Titans of industry, I am yet to meet anyone more knowledgeable and experienced with a passion or dedication to the ideology of “Doing things differently” and “Getting it Done!” -  Meet John McLoughlin…

Get to Know: John McLoughlin, Managing Director, J2 Software | Paul Rogers, Intelligent CIO


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