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Today’s cars just work, for the proof of my piece this week, let’s say at 95% efficiency of what’s physically possible with the current design. Modern buildings use just enough material to fulfill their original design specification and function and faithfully remain safe under their design conditions. Planes are designed to be optimal in terms of the size, shape and usage for their lifetime and have similar design characteristics. (All these industry applications run on software packages designed by developers).

Now this brings me to the state of software development and packages, as a general practice if an application or program runs at 1% or even 0.01% of the possible performance efficiency this is acceptable by todays developers’ standards. Recalling way back when Windows 95 was 30Mb. (At the time considered massive). Today we have web pages with greater footprint than that! Depending on your system configuration Windows 10 is 4Gb, which is 150 times bigger than the original Windows 95! But by what margin do you think Windows 10 is superior to Windows 95? Their basic functionally are still the same.

Yes, there are extra bells and whistles, but does this make life easier or more complicated?
My point is this, we are becoming lazy, and Security professionals are expected to fix inherent issues within our colleagues’ development acceptable and irritatingly frequent code releases;

So, without any further delay, enjoy our roundup of stories for this week…