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Device Intelligence

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Aspivia's Device Intelligence (Di) is a comprehensive, secure, web-based and hosted solution which provides for proactive management and monitoring of all communication devices on your network.

This Telecoms Device Management (TDM) platform uses real-time Event Data Records (EDR) from the communication devices to compile a history of activity which will give you a clear picture of how your devices are being managed by the individuals using them.

Di helps you to be proactive in managing telecommunications spend across your organisation. With its various automated alerts, Di enables you to identify and act upon excessive or abusive use as its happening. This means that there are no surprises in carrier invoices at the end of the month. You will already have a strong indication of usage and costs which will be expected from each device and this will help you to plan for and manage your organisation's spend better.

The Challenges

One of the biggest challenges within medium to large organisations is being able to see the bigger picture when it comes to telecommunications usage. Most corporates will have some tracking and reporting on some of the devices, but the information sits in a raw data format which often makes no sense to the non-technical staff members who need to drive the usage management. There is also no way to see the usage in relation to the costs, and the policies applied through the company hierarchy.

A logical solution

Di provides the corporate with a single online portal, to proactively manage usage across all communication devices. Its intuitive, graphic user-interface allows you to see the whole picture in one place, making reporting on all communication devices and users easier.

  • Bringing all device usage reports together into one holistic viewpoint for the end-user
  • Having both summary views and the ability to drill down into user history all presented in an easy to understand format for the end user
  • Tracking usage patterns and highlighting irregular or deficient usage
  • Creating a platform for historical information

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